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The Villa was built in the XV Century by Vitelli Family. The origin of the name Vitelli, friends of Medici's Family, comes from the noble Family from Castello City. In 1492 "Lorenzo il Magnifico" died and with him also died all the political balance between countries.The son of "Lorenzo il Magnifico", Piero de' Medici, entrusted the brothers Paolo and Vitellozzo Vitelli to revive a princely regional state.

They were considered the most valiant captains with an old military tradition. From an historical analysis we supposed that Villa Poggio ai Merli, named Villa Vitelli, was built by Vitellozzo Vitelli for its strategic position, close to: Florence, Volterra, Siena and Pisa.
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At the end of the XVIII Century the Villa was sold to the Altoviti Sangalletti Family. This noble Family had been living in Florence since 1192 eleven of them were senators, and they held important offices such as: Gonfaloniers, Cavaliers of the Justice, Chancellors, BalĪ, Buonomini and Consuls. This Family built the little chapel which is today the apartment "Brunelleschi". At the entrance it still possible to admire their coat of arms that shows a wolf. Their armorial is also visible in the Santa Croce Cathedral, Saint Apostoli church, Santa Maria Novella Cathedral and in the Stibbert Museum.

Around 1853 the Medici Tornaquinci succeeded to them. They descended from Giuliano dei Medici, brother of Lorenzo il Magnifico At the end of the XIX Century Villa Vittelli was bought by Lord Napoleone Passerini.
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Lord Napoleone Passerini, was a Garibaldian, a fanatic for agriculture, owner of farms, inventor of diverse instruments for the analysis of the ground and founder of the famous school of agriculture called J.A.S.. In the course of the year the structure had a lot of changes of destination but it always maintained its original shape. Thanks to an expert architect and to Tuscan artisans, the present owner, revalued the artistic and environmental heritage of the Villa, and created a Relais into a natural reserve very close to Florence.

Walter and Verena Merlo, with the staff of Villa Poggio ai Merli, wish you an unforgettable stay deep into the wonders of the Florentine history and the nature.